Make something awesome in 5 days.

The aim of Lab Rats is to challenge teams of passionate and motivated students to create an awesome digital product in just 5 days.

During these 5 days you’ll explore deep insights, so that you can approach problems differently and solve them in new and innovative ways.

You’ll have all the resources Etch has to offer at your fingertips to stimulate your creativity. This includes the incredible team at Etch. We have some of the best designers, developers, producers & copywriters the industry has to offer on hand to offer their help and advice as you work, (should you even need it)… hell, we even have an psychologist!

We believe in learning by doing

As much as lectures and coursework teach you specific “how to” practical skills, the experience you’ll gain from from working in a real, live studio will teach you the essential soft-skills that you’ll need to excel, but in in a more condensed format than a gap-year or internship alongside your studies.

We are offering 6 driven students the opportunity to come into our studio to learn the ways of the industry. You’ll learn how to understand, reframe and solve problems as well as prototype, conduct user tests and iterate an idea using simple UX and development techniques and frameworks.

I want in!

If you have any other questions, twitter will answer all…

The full article can be read on Etch’s blog. Or you can just visit

Senior Product Designer at Zoopla, where I design for Humans, not users. Creating experiences that consider how we really interact with the world around us.

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