Out with the old, in with the Sketch 3

I’ve spent the last 5 years using Photoshop for my designs, little did I know Sketch, a new intruder trespassing in my workflow, would change the way we worked. I frequently read recommendations in blogs and in my Twitter feed, so, we thought it crazy that we hadn’t tried it before. So myself and Chris spent an afternoon using it to see what the fuss is about.

Initially, upon opening sketch, things were daunting and slightly scary… It’s a native Mac app so is utilitarian in appearance (beneficial in many ways) and just creating a mask for an image took much longer than it needed to, the same went for other simple things like finding out how to modify the radius of only one corner of a box.

For the first 30 or so minutes, I sucked. Rapidly getting frustrated because I didn’t know where things were, so nearly went back to my beloved Photoshop, but “sucking at something is the first step at becoming sorta good at something” (…yes, that is a quote from adventure time). So I stuck with it… and once you find your way around, it’s glorious!…

You can read the rest of this blog post on the 3Degrees Agency website.

We’ll likely be writing more about Sketch in the coming months, as we’re looking to improve our general sign-off process. We’re also considering using Sketch as a wireframing tool to make for an efficient transition from wireframe to design and will be keen to share this experience.

Senior Product Designer at Zoopla, where I design for Humans, not users. Creating experiences that consider how we really interact with the world around us.

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