One of many Fjord’s on the drive back to Stavanger from Hovden.

Panorama; Hovden to Vienna.

This article I’m going to split this into two parts. First part will be a bit of personal reflection and the second will be me explaining why I think travelling can help you as a designer. (With some panorama pictures in-between)

Part 1; Personal reflection

I’m currently sat in a departure lounge in Vienna looking back on the last few days. It’s lead me to feel a bit ambivalent. That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy myself, it’s completely the opposite!

The same Fjord. Haakon and Simba trying some camera tricks.
Southsea. A wonderful place to live and work.
Daniel and Haakon on top of the Oslo opera house.

About these panorama shots

I thought I’d share these panoramas with you. As well as being a useful framing device, they illustrate the point I’m about to make when it comes to design. Each is different. Each panorama telling a different story, having it’s own character and style.

Theatre in Namur for the KIKK festival (Sorry, it’s a bit dark)

Part 2; The travelling designer

Can travelling help you as a designer?

The view from Haakon’s apartment in Trondheim.
Heldenplatz (Hero’s square), Vienna

If you create something for yourself, you are an Artist. Not a designer. Design is for other people. If you have never met these people, how can you design for them?

Rooftop bar’s view of Vienna.


I wasn’t sure of how to finish this piece. I’m still not. Maybe I’ll edit it and expand the article as time goes by and I reflect on things more.

Senior Product Designer at Zoopla, where I design for Humans, not users. Creating experiences that consider how we really interact with the world around us.

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